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Late notice + new update schedule?/thoughts

by lilacbombs
Hey there. So, You might not be too shocked to find out that the page will not be coming out this Sunday, but next Tuesday. I know it sounds terrible, seeing as just a few blog entries ago, I talked about how long wheel story would take to make, but I've done a lot of reflection.

You may have heard of the passing of Kentaro Miura, the creator of one of the most influential manga of all time, Berserk. He died at age 54, and his death was kept under wraps for over a month until a few days ago. I can't claim to be a fan of Berserk- I'm very familiar with its plot and soundtrack (which is a significant influence on wheel story.), but that's it. His passing has made me feel bad for being inspired by his work for so long without actually reading it. But hearing about his death and the work he put into his manga for decades woke me up to something.
I have time.

See, (and I promise I won't rant about this too long, I swear.) when I was 18, I felt old. "Join the club, Liz," right? But really, I felt like I didn't have any option but to make my comic ASAP as not to waste the rest of my youth in planning. That decision had its pros and cons, but working on wheel story, taking breaks from it here, and there has made me realize that my career as an artist is hardly beginning. I've made many improvements in how I draw characters in this past year, quarantine, etc. It's made me realize that perhaps it would benefit both me and wheel story to take a step back once in a while.

The TL,DR of this is that I'm thinking of switching to a bi-monthly schedule. I think that would give me ample time to make pages as good as possible while also tending to work, art, and other fun things I want to do. It's in the far future, but I'll likely have to open commissions eventually, and that'll take even more time.
So, in the meantime, hang on. I promise Wheel Story will continue as intended.


Though, there is something else that's been bugging me. I've made a sort of promise to myself that if I still feel burnt out, or like I can't keep doing wheel story within a year, I will end the series at 11 chapters instead of 20.
That's the natural halfway point for the series, anyway.
Why? Because... I don't know. I just said that I have time, yet the idea of making a wheel story until I'm 25 scares me. I don't want that. There are things I want to try, things I want to do...
This isn't a case of "you just need to remember your spark, why you love and made the series!" either. Maybe it is a little, but it's something more than that. I think more and more every day I see the holes both in my story and my process, and how much it feels like I'm going on auto-pilot. And I know that's just what making comics is like but, I don't know...
I don't know.

This could all be conjecture, though. I might wake up a few months from now with a newfound passion for making wheel story because of some development. I know another reason for this decline is because I've let myself get distracted in other things, but... I deserve that simple happiness, too.

I'm sorry if this worries any of you; I just wanted to say something so that if it does come to that, it's not a total shock. I felt deceptive keeping that from people for so long.

Thank you for your continued support of Wheel Story. I am forever grateful.

Hiatus notice

by lilacbombs
Hi guys. Yes you heard that right– Wheel Story is going on hiatus for a while. There are a lot of reasons surrounding this, some being life/hormonal-related/personal, but the truth is there's just some other stuff I want to work on right now. It sounds bad, but I realized that I've taken hiatus' on wheel story before in the past, and it's been for the best.

In 2019, I stopped for about a month to work on a short comic for an anthology series. Horrible idea, but not the hiatus part– the comic was a bust. When Covid-19 first outbroke, I stopped working to cope in that time. Now, it's primarily lupin III related, but... Idk, I just need a break. I realized making my comic on autopilot wasn't fair to anyone.

Also, I hate the black and white ok? Failed experiment. Perhaps I could make it work with more time, but at this point I'll take an easily cell-shaded page over whatever the hell was going on in those first chapter 8 pages. I'll even take making wheel story till' I'm 24. Thus is my point about making things on auto-pilot. I do tend to ignore certain flaws of a page when I'm close to posting, but never to this extent.
I think I'll get back to it in late May at the latest. I'm really sorry, but this is for the best. And who knows? Maybe I'll get back to it even sooner. I don't want to give up on wheel story, especially when I'm so far. I just need time to think about my art and where it's going to go from here.

Wheel Story Update (big change)

by lilacbombs
Hey guys! The start of chapter 8 is almost here. I have something big I want to announce, though– something that'll change the course of the comic in a way.
I want to switch Wheel Story to a black and white format.

I know it sounds weird this late in the game. But I realized something recently– I don't want to be making wheel story when I'm 25. But the way the story is written now I don't think I can take anything out without significantly ruining the experience for everyone reading.
More than that, there are other things I want to do. Recently I've gotten really into the Lupin III franchise. I know what you're thinking– "Really? You've been doing fandom stuff instead of your comic?" and, yeah. Maybe it's just my own subconscious telling me that, but it's the truth. It feels good to be really passionate and engaged in something that isn't my comic– it feels like a piece that's been missing from my life. I'm hoping to do more art for it along with a short comic that I'll sell on gumroad.
Even if you aren't familiar with Lupin III, it'd mean the world to me if you bought it when it comes out. (R18+ only though, sorry.)

So, yeah. Black and white only. I'll use color for some of the big moments, but I hope this can expedite my process a bit, at least eventually. Thank you for reading! And for your patience.

Late page notice 2/24/21

by lilacbombs
Hey guys, I hate setting such a vague bar like this, but I don't know when the next page is going to be out. I'd say at minimum the end of this week. There's just a lot going on in my life right now and in general. Work, vaccines, flies in my house and certain... monthly bodily functions have made working on my comic difficult. Along with a break I just need time. 

I know it's also disappointing seeing as after the chapter ends (this coming page) I'll have to take another week to make thumbnails, but it's inevitable. I think I just need time to reflect, on top of doing what I can on my page, to make this comic as good as possible. Thank you for your patience! 


by lilacbombs
So, I haven't really written one of these in a long time, because I wasn't sure anyone was reading them. I've decided to do it anyway in the case that people are curious.
These pages have been taking longer and longer because of both a change in my work schedule, and some rewrites I've done to chapter 7. This usually doesn't do much to change the story– but this recent change required I change several thumbnails on chapter 7. So that's probably why you won't see any page 11 this week.
The good news is, I'm back to my old work schedule! I am now working evenings and can devote the mornings to my comic, where I'm most motivated. I'll try to keep you posted.
Thank you for reading.

Living through a historical event isn't that great, actually (comic update)

by lilacbombs
So. Covid-19 huh.

Just as a preface, yes, this comic is still active and I hope to update it soon. As you probably already know, we're officially in a pandemic and Americans (as well as most of the world I think) are being advised to stay at home, away from people. I have had to move out of my dorm and transition entirely to online classes. While I think this gives me a good opportunity to work on my comic more, it also means completely changing my once-understood schedule into something else. It's all just a little jarring. I know I could probably have focused my (now extended) spring break into something more productive, but– this whole situation has just left me un-motivated and on edge. Online classes will begin soon and I need to get back on track in terms of my grades.

Thank you for following thus far. tldr; the page will get here when it gets here. Stay safe, I love you all– and wash your hands.

Late page again

by lilacbombs
Hi guys, sorry but page 4 will be a little late. I know I foreshadowed this on the last entry, but it's just been a really long week and I wanted some time to work on stuff. Namely the new banner/profile icon, which I've had in my WIP folder for forevverrrrr. Don't worry though! I'm not working over christmas break, as I'm preparing my portfolio. I should have plenty of time to work on pages and get ahead!

Plans for next week and beyond (no page 14, sorry!)

by lilacbombs
Hi everyone! I hope you're having a good summer so far.
It's going not-so-great for me. Mostly because there are a lot of things to take into consideration when it comes to this comic and other projects related to my art career. This next week, my family needs to start getting ready to sell our house, one I've lived in since I was a kid. It's going to be a long and strenous process that I don't think will enable me to get this page to you until next week.
After that, it's not set in stone, but I may have to take a brief hiatus from wheel story. I know what you're thinking– hiatus usually spell "death" for webcomics. It can show that an author is overwhelmed and may not be able to devote as much time as they could before to their comic. However, this is only so I can work on a great opportunity for me as an artist.
There's something called the "bonfire" anthology that would allow me to not only to get money for my comics, but to have my work published in a zine. Wheel story is still deeply important me, and I hope to continue it as soon as I can get it done. (It's going to suck if I don't get accepted into the zine, but I have some confidence in myself. Plus I think I will sell it on gumroad if it doesn't make it in.)

There's also the subject of me working. I'm unsure if I want to go back to working even part-time while making a wheel story. It's been a long dream of mine to go back to making two pages a week- but even if I work 3 days a week, that doesn't seem possible. If could start getting patrons on my patreon that'd be a different story, but... we'll have to see.

Thank you for patience. Page 13 of "A Wheel Story" will be out this Sunday, and page 14 will be out after next week!
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