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Chapter 7 - page 5

1st Nov 2020, 12:41 PM in Chapter 7 - To The Capitol
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Chapter 7 - page 5
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lilacbombs 1st Nov 2020, 12:41 PM edit delete
However old Arthur and June were when they met, one things certain– they're both heavier than they used to be.


Hey guys! Hope you all had a good Halloween. Long story, but I got in a rear-end collision on Halloween and my car is totaled. (I was the one who was rear-ended) I'm unsure of what to do right now– but luckily my parents have another car that I can use to get to/from work. Aside from some minor muscle pain, I feel fine. I hope I can be in good health next week and can continue to get pages out. Stay tuned!
p.s. I want to apologize for any egregious continuity errors. I know it's kind of expected at this point, (heck, you might not have even noticed them) but still. I don't like cutting corners, but I also don't want to leave people hanging for too long.