A Wheel Story

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Chapter 7 - page 15

8th Feb 2021, 8:19 AM in Chapter 7 - To The Capitol
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Chapter 7 - page 15
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Author Notes:

lilacbombs 8th Feb 2021, 8:19 AM edit delete
The capitol isn't going anywhere.


Hey guys! Thank you for your patience on this one, the weather's been extremely cold/snowy here. You may be wondering what happened to the quality on this page– not that it looks bad, just that the shading and round look of the last page isn't there. I've had a realization recently that while I love making wheel story, I don't want to make it forever. I hope that by doing more cell shading I can cut down on time and make pages faster. My goal is to get back to making two pages a week. (Still not sure how I managed that in the first chapters, though. youthly drive?)
Thank you for reading A Wheel Story! I'll see you next week.