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Blog - Late page 6... sorry. :/

Late page 6... sorry. :/

by lilacbombs
Hi everyone! I hope all the university students have a fun (and safe) spring break! Sorry to say that I don't think this page will even get out this week. I'm going to have to roll it over to next week wednesday... Don't worry, though! page 7 should still come out that following friday!!

Midterms have just been a lot... I have to do a good deal of extra work for my scholarship program and just don't have the same time as I used too. NTM I've just needed some time to decompress, where I don't have to draw anything.

If you wanna see some of the other stuff I've been drawing in my spare time, follow my art blog at lilacbombsart.tumblr.com! I've got a lot of pre-development sketches and other shenanigans for my characters, and fanart too. (I've recently been getting into mp100)
I know it sounds rude or un-productive to draw other stuff besides my comic in my spare time, but I've realized that only dedicating my time to this comic and not giving myself time to work on other drawings is counter-intuitive to my growth... and that's not to say that I don't love making this comic! It's just one of my rough artist goals for 2019 to put out at least one fully-colored, fully drawn art piece once a month.

Anyways, enough excuses. I hope to see you all Wednesday! Thank you for your ongoing support and patience!