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Blog - You know how I said "See you friday?" I lied.

You know how I said "See you friday?" I lied.

by lilacbombs
Hi everyone... Sorry, but again I overestimated how long these pages take. (;_;) I have a lot of stuff I have to do before going back to school, so... expect it on Saturday or Sunday. I hope you all are having a good spring break.

Also- on an unrelated note, my heart goes out to all the victims of the New Zealand Christchurch shooting, and to the Muslim community as a whole during this time.
I never made this comic to speak on behalf of Buddhism- I'm not a practicing Buddhist. I still want to point out however, that every person should have their freedom to worship their religion in safety and in happiness. Considering certain fundamentalist Buddhist' role in things like the Rohingya muslim crisis, I feel it needs to be said. The fight against white supremacy is ongoing, and I think it's everyone's duty as a family of humans to fight against it.
If that's a controversial and/or radical statement for you, maybe you shouldn't be reading this webcomic. I'm not saying this because of politics- I'm saying it because of people. And people deserve to be happy and well.

There are a lot of money-raising campaigns for the victims and their families- here is an official one by the NZIIC. Consider donating if you can.