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Blog - Wheel Story Update (big change)

Wheel Story Update (big change)

by lilacbombs
Hey guys! The start of chapter 8 is almost here. I have something big I want to announce, though– something that'll change the course of the comic in a way.
I want to switch Wheel Story to a black and white format.

I know it sounds weird this late in the game. But I realized something recently– I don't want to be making wheel story when I'm 25. But the way the story is written now I don't think I can take anything out without significantly ruining the experience for everyone reading.
More than that, there are other things I want to do. Recently I've gotten really into the Lupin III franchise. I know what you're thinking– "Really? You've been doing fandom stuff instead of your comic?" and, yeah. Maybe it's just my own subconscious telling me that, but it's the truth. It feels good to be really passionate and engaged in something that isn't my comic– it feels like a piece that's been missing from my life. I'm hoping to do more art for it along with a short comic that I'll sell on gumroad.
Even if you aren't familiar with Lupin III, it'd mean the world to me if you bought it when it comes out. (R18+ only though, sorry.)

So, yeah. Black and white only. I'll use color for some of the big moments, but I hope this can expedite my process a bit, at least eventually. Thank you for reading! And for your patience.