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Hiatus notice

by lilacbombs
Hi guys. Yes you heard that right– Wheel Story is going on hiatus for a while. There are a lot of reasons surrounding this, some being life/hormonal-related/personal, but the truth is there's just some other stuff I want to work on right now. It sounds bad, but I realized that I've taken hiatus' on wheel story before in the past, and it's been for the best.

In 2019, I stopped for about a month to work on a short comic for an anthology series. Horrible idea, but not the hiatus part– the comic was a bust. When Covid-19 first outbroke, I stopped working to cope in that time. Now, it's primarily lupin III related, but... Idk, I just need a break. I realized making my comic on autopilot wasn't fair to anyone.

Also, I hate the black and white ok? Failed experiment. Perhaps I could make it work with more time, but at this point I'll take an easily cell-shaded page over whatever the hell was going on in those first chapter 8 pages. I'll even take making wheel story till' I'm 24. Thus is my point about making things on auto-pilot. I do tend to ignore certain flaws of a page when I'm close to posting, but never to this extent.
I think I'll get back to it in late May at the latest. I'm really sorry, but this is for the best. And who knows? Maybe I'll get back to it even sooner. I don't want to give up on wheel story, especially when I'm so far. I just need time to think about my art and where it's going to go from here.