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Blog - Late notice + new update schedule?/thoughts

Late notice + new update schedule?/thoughts

by lilacbombs
Hey there. So, You might not be too shocked to find out that the page will not be coming out this Sunday, but next Tuesday. I know it sounds terrible, seeing as just a few blog entries ago, I talked about how long wheel story would take to make, but I've done a lot of reflection.

You may have heard of the passing of Kentaro Miura, the creator of one of the most influential manga of all time, Berserk. He died at age 54, and his death was kept under wraps for over a month until a few days ago. I can't claim to be a fan of Berserk- I'm very familiar with its plot and soundtrack (which is a significant influence on wheel story.), but that's it. His passing has made me feel bad for being inspired by his work for so long without actually reading it. But hearing about his death and the work he put into his manga for decades woke me up to something.
I have time.

See, (and I promise I won't rant about this too long, I swear.) when I was 18, I felt old. "Join the club, Liz," right? But really, I felt like I didn't have any option but to make my comic ASAP as not to waste the rest of my youth in planning. That decision had its pros and cons, but working on wheel story, taking breaks from it here, and there has made me realize that my career as an artist is hardly beginning. I've made many improvements in how I draw characters in this past year, quarantine, etc. It's made me realize that perhaps it would benefit both me and wheel story to take a step back once in a while.

The TL,DR of this is that I'm thinking of switching to a bi-monthly schedule. I think that would give me ample time to make pages as good as possible while also tending to work, art, and other fun things I want to do. It's in the far future, but I'll likely have to open commissions eventually, and that'll take even more time.
So, in the meantime, hang on. I promise Wheel Story will continue as intended.


Though, there is something else that's been bugging me. I've made a sort of promise to myself that if I still feel burnt out, or like I can't keep doing wheel story within a year, I will end the series at 11 chapters instead of 20.
That's the natural halfway point for the series, anyway.
Why? Because... I don't know. I just said that I have time, yet the idea of making a wheel story until I'm 25 scares me. I don't want that. There are things I want to try, things I want to do...
This isn't a case of "you just need to remember your spark, why you love and made the series!" either. Maybe it is a little, but it's something more than that. I think more and more every day I see the holes both in my story and my process, and how much it feels like I'm going on auto-pilot. And I know that's just what making comics is like but, I don't know...
I don't know.

This could all be conjecture, though. I might wake up a few months from now with a newfound passion for making wheel story because of some development. I know another reason for this decline is because I've let myself get distracted in other things, but... I deserve that simple happiness, too.

I'm sorry if this worries any of you; I just wanted to say something so that if it does come to that, it's not a total shock. I felt deceptive keeping that from people for so long.

Thank you for your continued support of Wheel Story. I am forever grateful.