A Wheel Story

A buddhist-fantasy webcomic

Cast of "A Wheel Story!"




Tara (no surname)
Age: 19
Favorite food: baked cinnamon apples

Tara was raised inside of Avalo monastery, where upon turning 8, she started training to become a buddhist nun. At 17, she chose to disrobe and live her life on her own. Having nothing, Sarahi let her stay and their arrangement hasn't changed.


Laomia (no surname)
Age: over 1000 years old
Favorite food: mice (also, eggs?)

Laomia has remained inside the Avalo woodlands for about 1000 years. Over time, Laomia has forgotten much about her situation, besides the fact that said ruin was her family home.

June Avani
Age: 17
Favorite Food: his dad's "savory sauce over rice." (no meat)

June is Tara's good friend from the monastery, who under mysterious circumstances, finds her out in the wilderness. He's a kind, but also timid boy who only wants to do good.

Sarahi Gotami
Age: 20
Favorite food: cured pork

Sarahi has lived her entire life in Avalo, taking care of her younger sister and elderly uncle. She maintains and co-owns (in theory) the bar with the mercenaries guild. In exchange for paying some of the building's maintenance, Sarahi lets them post their jobs there.

she's trans

Percival Dogbane
Age: 46
Favorite food: (unknown)

A mercenary whose "not from around here." A complete mystery.

rat bitch

Ruben Cliff-jumper
Age: 55
Favorite food: pecan bars

Mercenary captain for the Avalo guard, Ruben is a retired soldier who now spends his time "overseeing" town safety and doing odd jobs for coin. His temper is rivaled only by his short height.

Cheol-min Han
Age: 21
Favorite food: anything spicy

Because of a shoulder injury, Cheol-min is retired from the mercenary business and now keeps payments, members, and bills on a tab. He is good friends with Sarahi.

Abbot Brahmadatta (Dharma name, shortened version)
lay name unknown
Age: over 100, (estimate)
Favorite food: green tea

A monk who has been abbot of the Avalo monastery for as long as anyone can remember. Rumor has it that he built it all by himself.

Emil Avani
Age: 39
Favorite Food: Anything that's made with love

June's father and assistant to his wife, Esra's, shop. He's known among neighbors and friends for making exquisite meals from leftovers.

Esra Avani
Age: 40
Favorite Food: Summer salad (preferably, with tomatoes)
June's mother and professional blacksmith. Despite making weapons deftly, her specialty is mundane things like tableware and nails. 

Ven. Ananda (layname unknown)
Age: 45
Favorite Food: Potato soup (no meat)
Tara's biological father and deputy abbot at Avalo vihara. He served as a soldier in the war for 8 years, and became a monk after he lost his leg and was honorably discharged.

Arthur Dogbane
Age: 17
Favorite Food: Scale cow jerky
Percival's younger brother and June's childhood friend. Although he and his sister have a deep bond, they aren't related by blood. He's the main herder of the scale cows.